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vendredi 14 mars 2008

It's been a while, crocodile

Well. Yes. So I meant to write here "on a regular basis". Ha ha ha.

But you know how it is, LIFE and THINGS get in the way...
Like, we went to London for a glorious week in February, catching up with the best friends in the world and aching to see them more often.
Like, loads of work coming in. Which is a GOOD THING, but doesn't mean my financial situation is any better.
Like, my cousins coming to stay for a weekend.
Like, spending HOURS on the internet trying to find a nice gîte for us plus my mother-in-law for a week in April (found one, we're going to Arles) and for us on our own in the summer (found one, we're going to Lake Como in August, I can hardly wait!).
Like, I'm a lazy bitch.
And a pretty grouchy one, too, if I think about it. I do seem to spend a totally BAD MAMAN amount of time screeching like a harpy at my beautiful daughters. It's totally crazy, because I love them so damn much and yearn to scoop them up in my arms when they're not here, only to be impatient and unreasonable when they are. *sigh*
That said, L. has made me so proud... yes, she's still having tantrums galore, though mainly I suspect because, at almost 4, she's decided that napping is a TOTAL WASTE OF TIME.
BUT. Her teachers at school are so pleased with her that they've put her up a year (sort of, it's kinda complex, I'll spare you the details). She's delighted to be with her much adored best friend, E. and her equally adored favourite teacher, M.
I feel blessed to have such special little girls.
I just wish I could be more tolerant, more patient, less damn GROUCHY!