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jeudi 22 mai 2008

Toowhit - munch - toowho

My lifestyle (if you can call it that) is now so seriously f*cked that I'm more or less an owl. So you can imagine how great I felt this morning when I had to take C and L to school while D helped a friend shoot a trailer for a short film. Yes, ab fab is exactly how I felt.
That said, by the time I got home, my smugness at being part of the "already been out and it's only 9.30" brigade meant that I felt OK.
But of course I fell asleep on the sofa for an hour this evening (and would have slept this afternoon, of course, except that it's Wednesday, the day I spend all afternoon with L as she doesn't have school).
So, I woke up around 10 pm and felt quite perky (as usual - exhausted, grouchy, ready to kill anyone who bugs me at 7 pm, Perky Pig by 10...), so settled down to work. And work I did.
And hey, whaddya know. It's almost 3 am. And all I feel like doing is surfing the web, reading blogs that make me laugh and cry (sometimes simultaneously - like this one) and EATING HUGE AMOUNTS OF CR*P. Oh, the cr*p I can put away...
Cheese - yum. Chocolate biscuits - munch, munch, wipe the crumbs off my desk. Bread and butter - mmm, use a nail file to get the crumbs out of the keyboard, the list goes on, like some kind of bulimic's fantasy.
Maybe I'm bulimic, now that I think of it.
Or depressed (always a possibility, and one D's pretty sure of, as HE KEEPS TELLING ME, like I want to hear that).
Or quite possibly just insane.
Talking of which, haven't watched Zac in Hairspray for a while... Never have the time, what with working all night, sleeping during the day, childcaring in the evenings... But might try and fit in a quick sequence tomorrow morning. So scrummy, young Zac...
And now that I'm 39 (God help me) - as of last Sunday, thank you very much, had a lovely day - I really am old enough to be the delightful Zac's mother.
Maybe I should stick to fantasising about Brad and Johnny - at least they're older than I am.

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