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mardi 11 novembre 2008


It's only 11 November (and then, only just: its 3.23 am) and I've already f*cked up NaBloPoMo... Can't f*cking believe I forgot to post last night (by which I mean the post for 9 November, as the date and time on my posts is totally screwed - they're about 8 hours behind my "real" time).


So I've just eaten a whole 200 g (that's 7 oz to you imperial measurements fans) bar of fruit and nut milk chocolate. And I now feel sick. And I totally deserve it.

Fuck. Fuck asterisks, too.

I'll have to wait a whole month now to try and complete the challenge (and it could be tough over the Christmas holidays). GRRRRRRRR

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Cha Cha a dit…

But are there any rules about what time zones you follow for NaBloPoMo? I think not. Last year I did it and after three failed attempts to snag wireless gave myself a mulligan. I think you deserve the same.

Thanks for your kind words over at my place, and thanks for introducing yourself! As for Barry and Neil ... RIGHT ON. The worst part about my breakup is that we have Neil tickets next month. I think I'll just buy my own, even tho the seats probably won't be as good. Grr.