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mercredi 17 décembre 2008

Hello, again, hello

Oh, I am SOOOOO jealous of Cha Cha for getting to see the fabulous Neil Diamond live in concert... I'm perfectly aware that being a fan of Neil Diamond is probably one of the least cool or trendy things in the world, but I'm BEYOND ALL THAT. I don't care. I adooooorre Neil Diamond and frequently listen to his Greatest Hits album, and frequently (though never frequently enough) watch the great film, "The Jazz Singer"...

I'm not sure when my adoration started. Not that long ago, because I remember deliberately NOT liking him when I was teenager because my mother was a fan (strangely, she also liked Status Quo, but that has never rubbed off on me... She also found the lead singer, Francis Rossi, very sexy, which is another of life's mysteries if you ask me). But then, when I was a student, I caught up with The Jazz Singer, and video-ed (??) it off the TV on to my favourite video, the one with Grease on it, meaning I probably watched both films around a cajillion times.

Then, about 10 years ago, I bought the Greatest Hits album. And have been hooked ever since (no, there's been no "all forgiveness, kiss and make-up" Neil adoration get-together with my mother - she died 5 years ago, and suffered from dementia until then and didn't know who I was).

D is NOT a fan, but hey, I let him play Jimi Hendrix stuff (which I also quite like, but wouldn't choose) so he puts up with my Madonna, Neil, Lloyd Cole... Different tastes, obviously, but it doesn't seem to matter.

I must admit I didn't even know that Neil was still doing touring and stuff (and, if you check out the photo on Cha Cha's blog, still looking hot too), though I doubt France is on his list of tour dates (I shouldn't think many French people even know who he is - poor, deprived race).

They don't know what they're missing - that sexy, gravelly voice, hmmm, yum yum...

So, yes, it's nearly 3 am yet again and all I can think about is Neil Diamond.

Wish me HOT dreams, people!

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Cha Cha a dit…


Your post got me to wondering when I fell in love with Neil ... I think it was my mom's best friend's Neil 8-track. I loved it so much that she gave me a Neil album for my 5th birthday.

So, yeah, that's sort of like buying a kid a pack of cigarettes.

I'm glad I'm not alone in being young-ish, hip-ish, and waaaay into Neil.