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jeudi 4 décembre 2008


I know this is going to sound totally crazy, but I'm scared out of my mind.

Tomorrow morning, D has to take our beautiful cat, Tom, to the vet's. He (Tom, not the vet) is going to be given a general anaesthetic and have his teeth and gums "dealt with". I'm not sure exactly what the problem with his teeth and gums is, but apparently they're causing him pain and stopping him from crunching, so it has to be done.

So this is hardly major surgery.


It's still a general anaesthetic, and he's not a young cat any more (he'll be 12 in 6 months).

More than that, he's my adored, beloved Tom.

I know others have been through much more devastating pet-related trauma recently, and my heart goes out to you, I can only imagine how hard it must be.

But I'm still scared that something bad's going to happen to Tom. I don't know how I'd handle it, I really don't.

Tom is so much more to me than "just a cat". He's beautiful, kind, affectionate, intelligent, soft, cuddly and oh, so adorable! He's helped me through more bad times than anyone else, ever. He's always there when I need him, he knows when I'm down. He'll come up to me and jump on to my lap, licking my face and letting me know he's there, he understands, and he wants me to feel better.

I truly love him with all my heart and would do anything for him. You couldn't imagine a better cat, you really couldn't.

Now, I'm not a religious person AT ALL (even if my daughters both go to a Catholic school...), but tonight, I'm praying to the Great Tuna Fish in the sky that He take care of my sweet Tom tomorrow... Please pray with me!

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