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vendredi 19 décembre 2008

Short and sweet

Too goddamn tired to write much crap tonight - it was almost 5 when I fell asleep this morning, was up at 7.45 to take the girls to school and then spend all morning at a meeting for the school newsletter that I stupidly got involved in.
Home, lunch, work, faff... Very short doze on the sofa when I couldn't see straight any more.
Tai chi, bedtime for the girls, dinner, work all evening.
And now, it's 4 am yet again and I am beyond tired.
And of course I still have a shitload of stuff to do tomorrow (morning - work, afternoon - buy the girls' Christmas presents).
It all feels so relentless.
Oh, and for the first time ever L said she didn't want to go to her circus class on Saturday - I knew she'd take the whole sorry tale of last week to heart...
But the girls' end-of-term evaluations are all excellent and I'm unspeakably proud of them!
Bed, now. For oh, a whole 4 hours maybe, if I'm lucky.

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