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lundi 15 décembre 2008

This is not a cookery blog

Let's get this straight, right now: I am not a particularly good cook and am not particularly keen or adventurous, either. I can "throw together" certain things (cauliflower cheese, lasagna, crêpes, porridge, basic pasta-y stuff, basic (un fancy decorated) cakes,...) and can follow certain recipes (once made a very good osso bucco, and an excellent curry, plus some coconut icecream). But I'm usually pretty stuck for time, and not very patient either. So I really wouldn't say I'm a cookery blog-type.

That said, when I like to read something light and untaxing, I do enjoy a good Goldy Schultz mystery (D says they're crap, but I've read them all - often several times - and just love the mixture of crime and recipes!).

And today, because one of our neighbours came for tea this afternoon, I made a cake. I decided to move away from my classic chocolate cake (or its plain lemony version), my cupcakes and banana bread. I decided to make pineapple upside-down cake.

I found a Nigella Lawson recipe, followed it pretty much to the letter and...

My God, it was good! I reckon I could probably have eaten the whole thing by myself (and, if I'd been alone, I probably would have done, with some single cream poured over it to add to the perfection). I got compliments, and everyone (even my little fusspot, L) ate their share. And of course there's none left.

But me, I was so proud of myself! It looked good, tasted good... and was super easy to make! The only change was that I didn't have glacé cherries, so I used raisins instead.

Heaven, pure heaven.

Go on - try it for yourselves!

Oh, and if anyone felt like buying me a Nigella cookbook for Christmas, I would actually be quite pleased...

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