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dimanche 8 novembre 2009


I've officially "caught up" with myself for NaNoWriMo - I'm slightly over the basic minimum wordcount (about 12,000 this evening, and after 7 days the minimum is 11,667). It's actually quite exhilarating, producing all these words and all of them being my own, not just the translation of someone else's.

I'm not saying my "novel" is any good, or anything (though who doesn't dream of writing the next best seller?), and I don't have the least idea what to do with it once I've finished it (assuming I do finish it, and I really am giving it my best shot), but if I manage to get this story down on paper in a way that satisfies me, I'll be unspeakably proud of myself.

Did pretty much bugger all today (apart from write my 3,000 words, but that didn't take long). Got up late, faffed around, played games with L all afternoon, went back to bed for an hour. I lead a fascinating life.

Did one of my favourite vegetables tonight though: roast parsnips (thank you Delia for the recipe, which of course worked perfectly, though sorry, can't find it on line: it's from her first, basic cook book and is dead easy). Oh, they were all crunchy and chewy and yummy. And, best of all, the girls wouldn't touch them, so all the more for me!

OK, I'm going to try and write a bit more tonight (I should be working, of course, but can't be arsed, and this "novel" is obsessing me!) and then try and be in bed before 4 am!

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