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vendredi 27 novembre 2009

Temptation not resisted

Not just once, but twice.

If you've ever ploughed your way through my tedious archives, you might remember one of my confessions - Hello, my name is Magic and I am a stationery addict.

I just love to see nice piles of new notebooks, racks of new pens and pencils, art supplies, binders, folders, pencil cases... Hmmmmm

So, today, I had to buy a birthday present for a friend of C's and, as I didn't have much time, I went to a sort multi-store (books, stationery, cards, art supplies...) and picked something up there. And just went "to have a quick look" at the art supplies. And came out with a tube of paint and some gold ribbon to make candle holders for the school Christmas market plus the beginnings of the girls' Christmas present for my father.

First temptation fail.

Then, on my way to catch the bus to go pick up the girls from school, I walked past my favourite stationery shop in town, the Papéthèque. And that siren song lured me in yet again (the pretext being, "I wonder if they sell party invitations" (to which the answer is "no"). And though I didn't come out with any invitations, I did come out with the cards and envelopes I'll need to make my own (yeah, right, like I absolutely have time for that...).

Second temptation fail.

But oh, that just-bought-art-supplies high!

I still feel all tingly just thinking about my goodies. And of course getting down to work has been tough ce soir because I want to do my candle holders... or C's party invites... or even my Christmas cards...

Oh, and by the by, I'm just 1,500 words short of my 50,000 for NaNoWriMo... I may even finish tonight (not the story, I'm probably going to need about 60,000 for that, but the challenge). go me!

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Jo Ann v. a dit…

I totally understand your addiction to stationery. I have a thing for fountain pens more than anything else (got that from my mother !!) and I could spend hours and hours in stores like Sauramps...