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mardi 24 novembre 2009

(This) woman's best friend

I went to bed late last night (hardly a scoop, I know) and was up horribly early this morning. I had to teach 6 hours of classes in the course of the day, then come home, check e-mail, make a couple of phone calls, that kind of stuff and then head back out at 4.45 to pick up the girls from school. Then it was a seemingly endless game of "Mille bornes" (for once, we all played together and, after a very slow start I managed to come in second, after C. Yeah!), supervising C's homework, preparing the girls' stuff for tomorrow, dinner, story, bedtime routine, bla, bla, bla.

Halfway through dinner, D went out to a conference so, once the girls were in bed, I was on my own. I had work to do (still do, as a matter of fact) but was sooooo tired that I lay down on the sofa and slept for over an hour and a half.

The sleep was much needed, and much appreciated. But what I appreciated even more was when my beautiful cat, Tom, came and curled up next to me, his large, furry body filling me with warmth. He feels so nice, so soft and cuddly; he smells so warm and furry (yes, furry is a smell, and a damn nice one at that), he's so unbelievably affectionate, sensitive, intelligent (OK, and greedy too, but we all need at least one failing, right?). I can't imagine life without him...

Seriously, people: is there anything on earth better than a cat? Or, more specifically, better than my cat?!

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Jo Ann v. a dit…

Well, i'm allergic to cats... so there must be :-D

Hi, I am Jo Ann, from NaNoWriMo... I am in Mtp too, thought I should pass by at least once to say hello :-)

Magic27 a dit…

Oh, I'd go insane if I became allergic to cats (don't know if that's possible)...! So instead of whining so much maybe I should be grateful for my non-allergicness!
At least you can appreciate Tom's wonderfulness through your computer!
Thanks for stopping by - not much goes on here (no time), but I try and post occasionally...