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jeudi 5 novembre 2009

Writer's cra(m)p

You know me, never one to turn down a task... So, here I am, up to my eyeballs in work (long text all about malaria, admin guff to deal with, classes to teach, homework to mark, bla, bla, bla) and already committed to NaBloPoMo (and, so far, sticking to it, though obviously 4 days is hardly a major achievement, even I can recognise that), and I go and sign up for NaNoWriMo too. As if I didn't already spend enough time every day chained to my keyboard, I've now committed to writing another 1,667 every day till the end of the month. I must be stark raving.

Of course, I'm already woefully behind with "novel". I'm not even up at one day's supposed total and I've already "done" 3 days (I erased all my first day's work because it was unspeakable crap. I'm not saying the 1,500 words I did yesterday are any good, but I think they're less crap that what went before).

Strangely, though, I seem to thrive on this type of challenge. I've always wanted to write a book of some kind, and this is just the motivation I need (perhaps). The biggest problem, of course, is that I don't have a clear story outline. But I'm hoping things will fall into place as the days go by. I'm not sure I'm going to make 50,000 words by 30 November, but I'm going to give it a try and see what comes out of it.

What comes out of it other than sore wrists and a blinding headache, I mean.

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