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jeudi 19 novembre 2009


Nearly forgot to post this evening, I was so excited about hitting 34,280 words (did about 2,200 today, as well as translating over 2,000, so I'm pretty bug-eyed it has to be said).

Bullet points today, I'm afraid:
- L spent the afternoon with a friend and had fun, despite being tired and snarky all day. She really seems to feel that we're always telling her off; it's not true, but she will keep on doing the same stupid things (not sitting still at the table, not going for her bath even when she's been told about 15 times...), but still, she was so miserable this evening after D yelled at her for taking 25 minutes in the shower... Sometimes, she's just so little, my baby...
- C made me a beautiful "6-month-day" card to celebrate my half-birthday. It's really cute and I love it but oh, she put so much glue on it! I'm almost high from the fumes!
- Feel pretty crap today, don't know why. My tummy aches (though that might be from all the crap I eat) and I'm exhausted, but still have so much to do!
- Can feel my "novel" really taking shape, even though I'm pretty sure the writing's crap. But I'm still in awe of how much I've written already. I only have to write 1,300 words a day and I'll still be on target (I've been doing about 1,000 in 30 minutes recently). I'm very excited!
- Wish I could just find the time to get on with my Christmas preparations, though I'm glad I've already done a fair amount (though only for the girls, nothing for D, my father, my cousin and his wife or my MIL from hell...).
- Keep finding sad stories in the net and panicking. Empathy overload.
- Read Amalah's post for today and it made me feel old - I didn't understand the half of it! I've never "Twittered", I've only ever sent 2 SMS in my entire life, I barely understand the one mobile phone we have (D and I share it, though I rarely have it with me)... I'm not really a technophobe, but mobile phone stuff has totally passed me by...
- OK, that's it for tonight! Bedtime!

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