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vendredi 8 juillet 2011

Total decadence

So, yesterday was the Tour de France (today, too, actually, though I was reading a magazine at the same time - and, technically, translating a text about bicycle tyres). And today? "Secret Story" for fuck's sake.

The girls and I sat up and watched the entire first episode - all the "candidates" going into the "house of secrets", all the secrets, all the mysteries of the house. Everything.

Worse, I actually enjoy this show (and it's utter CRAP, I'm well aware of that). And worst of all, I suspect C has been hooked too: she's got the names down, she's got "favourites" (though how that's possible is a mystery as they all seem pretty irritating and we barely "know" any of them), she's OK on the rules of the game, she's starting to try and guess who has which secret... Damn!

This could be a long, long summer addiction - the show runs for an amazing 14 weeks I believe.

(On a more positive note: I got my hair cut today, about 20 cm cut off the bottom, slightly layering at the front but really very slight. I'm extremely pleased with the result and proud of myself for actually going through with it!)

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