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vendredi 28 octobre 2011


I have been these last few weeks, it has to be said.

First, things have been busy round here (and when they haven't there has been much sleeping to catch up on). Second, I fell down the Pinterest hole and found myself "losing" hours and hours of my time "pinning" pretty, shiny things or pretty, shiny men on to one or other of my various boards. And third, I'm a lazy cow when it comes to this blog - partly because I know few people read it, partly because if I really talk about what's on my mind, it would turn into a dull (duller, I mean), dreary, woe-is-me, my-life-sucks moan-fest. And yeah, I'm not wild about THAT idea. (Even if most of it is true. My life truly SUCKS right now.).

So, when I saw this:

on Kelley's blog today, I couldn't help but smile. I've tried NaBloPoMo in the past (and even succeeded once or twice, I believe). But it really is incredibly hard for me to post every day and I think it's probably extra hassle I don't need right now.

I will be trying to post a little more often than in recent times - more than 3 times in the month, anyway - but I'm not signing myself up for the stress of having to post, when all I really want to do most evenings is lust after Gary Dourdan on CSI or watch MasterChef (French version, of course).

3 commentaires:

Christina a dit…

Haha I like that. Yeah, it's best to post when u feel inspired to do so and not force yourself. No reason to make it another job.

Kelley @ magneto bold too a dit…


We will be like Occupy Bloggosphere but better.

Sarah a dit…

I agree, blogging shouldn't be a chore. If I have nothing to say, I don't say it. It's not like I've nothing else to do!