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samedi 31 mars 2012

Conspiracy theory revisited

I'm not paranoid by nature. Seriously, I'm not. I don't usually believe that "they" are out to get me. But right now? Well, let's just say I'm heading towards that line of thought...
One of the many debts I have has reached critical mass and I received a threatening letter from the bank in question saying that if I didn't pay them the 966 € I owe immediately, I'd basically be damned for all eternity. As luck would have it (ha!), my teaching hours from Sept-Dec 2011 had just been paid and I ACTUALLY HAD 2,000 € on my account - first time in months.
I didn't - at that exact moment - have time to faff about on the internet and do the transfer, so I emailed my bank manager and asked him to do it. That was early morning. When I got home from teaching at about 12.30, I saw he still hadn't done it, so, given that it was urgent, I did all the necessary faffing and did it myself. I then immediately emailed my bank manager to tell him.
Guess what? The idiot ALSO did the transfer. And another bill went through so now I'm overdrawn again. I called the recipient bank and they - arseholes to the end - said there was nothing they could do and that if the money appeared on their bank, they wouldn't be able to refund it. (I'm not sure that's true, but well. I was in no state to question that.)
I emailed the bank manager and he answered amazingly quickly that he "would try and sort it out". That was yesterday morning. Well, last time I checked (about an hour ago), both sums have still been debited.
Now, that's bad enough, for sure. BUT - before 4 April, I ALSO have to do a transfer of 1,500 € to my mortgage bank. I asked my bank manager if he would let me go 500 € overdrawn (I had 2,000 €, I transferred 966 €, I needed to transfer 1,500 €, remember?) but of course he hasn't answered that question, and now I can't because it'll put me over my overdraft limit of 1,500 €.
Do you see what I mean about a fucking conspiracy? I HAD money. I was going to just about be able to pay off the major debts that are putting me at high risk of "interdit bancaire", and that would have allowed the credit regroupment agency (or however you say it in English) to present my dossier and maybe find me a long-term solution to all my problems. And now it's all shot to hell, once again.
I am seriously at risk of "interdit bancaire" now. And that's 5 YEARS without the right to write cheques or use a credit card. 5 YEARS of having to go to the bank and be given cash. I can't survive like that. I just can't.
I am just so tired of all this. So goddamn tired. I've been living under such strain for the last few months that I'm a wreck. Right now, with no means of withdrawing money (which I don't have, as I'm overdrawn on both my accounts now), I have about 12 € in my purse. That's it. I need to buy cat food, and summer shoes for the girls, and a birthday present for my sweet L who'll be 8 in 4 weeks. I need to buy food for us and a cartridge for my printer, and C needs knitting needles for school and... I have 12 €. Twelve fucking euros.
I hated 2010, and I hated 2011. But seriously? 2012? WORST.FUCKING.YEAR.EVER.

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