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mardi 10 avril 2012

I is for...


I think we've probably all played the game of wondering what we'd do if we won a huge sum of money... even those of us who don't play national lottery type games or do any kind of gambling activity.

I (unsurprisingly) find it hard to imagine what it must be like to have limitless funds. I don't really know what I'd do. It's lovely to dream, though it's hard to get past the bricks and mortar of the walls pinning me down right now.

I mean, obviously, if I won the lottery this week, I'd pay off all my debts, pay off my mortgage, all those boring things. That's a total no-brainer.

But what about the rest? What do I dream of doing? Would I really just stop working, tell all my clients to screw their translation needs?

I'm not sure. I love the idea of "not-working", but I think it's mainly because I currently work so much. I can't believe I'd really enjoy a life of leisure. I'd feel the need to do something.

If I won the lottery, obviously I'd also put a huge chunk away for each of my girls. I'd give money to my friends, try and get them out of debt too. I'd go on holiday (but where? and with whom?). I'd get my teeth done, my hair done. I'd buy new clothes, refresh my driving skills and buy a car.

I'd put money away for my old age. I'd get home improvements done (and boy, does this home need improving!). I'd give to charitable organisations, helping children, helping animals.

But the biggest if has to be less down to earth. If I were rich, would I actually be happy? Who knows. Sometimes, I feel like I don't even know what "happy" really means. "They" say money can't buy happiness, and I'm sure that's true. Only up to a point, though. Not having money is still (in my opinion) worse, and I'd rather be unhappy with money than without it.

If you had limitless funds, what would you do?

3 commentaires:

Dawn Embers a dit…

ooooo If is a great topic.

I would do lots of things if had the funds. Pay off debt, donate to charities, take my mom to greece where her great grandpa is came from, take stepdad somewhere and dad somewhere else. Try to make other dreams come true. So many things.

Great post.

Nikki a dit…

Travel, charity, really fix up the orphanage in India I work with for kids with special needs....

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Stephanie a dit…

Travel, make sure my parents and my brothers are set, create college funds for my future kids, then settle down and begin a career as a full time, self-published writer.

I think writing and the editing I do on the side would keep me mentally entertained. If not, maybe I'd start a small business. Online magazine or something like that.