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samedi 12 octobre 2013

What, another post?

Yup, that's right, two posts in 8 days...

Not that I have much to write about, of course, as my life is stunningly dull and un-bloggable, but that's never stopped me before, why should it stop me now?

My decision to do NaNoWriMo again - and the fact that I mentioned it on here, making me feel even more obligated to do it - is on my mind. I have a half-formed, half-baked idea in my head, but don't have a plan or any clear idea of where I want to go with it. I'm kind of scared it's too much for me to take on - just physically typing 50,000 words in addition to all the words I translate in one month is a monumental task, so you can imagine what typing 50,000 coherent words is going to be like. But I am stimulated by challenge and I kind of enjoyed the 2009 version (just wish I could find my story, I'm sure it had promise). So I'm going to give it a go. I'm going to try and get a plan done before 1 November so that "all" I then have to do is actually write the thing, not think about what comes next.

Other than that, the big news (which is nothing fantastic at all, but big in my dull little world) is that tickets to Scotland for Christmas have been purchased, all I need to do now is book a hotel room at Gatwick airport for one night and we'll be set. One week in Scotland with the girls (and my dad, of course). I'm actually quite looking forward to it. Already.

As for me and my mental state, it's not good news. I'm not being assiduous with my medication, so I'm very up and down, down, down. Still crying a lot, still having trouble going to bed at a reasonable time (hey, it's 2.15 am!), still having weird and disturbing dreams, mainly about children dying and me not being able to do anything about it. I've started fantasising about muscat again and am feeling seriously tempted, but the thought of ending up back in the clinic is working pretty well as a deterrent, for the moment at least.

No good news on the girls-accepting-me-being-with-another-man front either, which makes me feel like I'm being pulled apart, having to decide who I see. Why is nothing ever simple?

And there you have it. That's my news for this week. I did warn you that I didn't have much to write about, so don't complain that I'm dull and boring (I already know that)...

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