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jeudi 17 avril 2014

AtoZ Challenge - the behind schedule version

Went back on Twitter for the first time in months and discovered that April is once again the AtoZ Challenge month. Hmm. I enjoyed doing it last time, and am more than a little peeved to have missed out, so I've decided to do it all the same, just 16 days behind.

So. A.

A is for awkward.

I'm not at ease in company, I'm not at ease on the phone, I'm not at ease on the rare occasions I have to go to L's school to pick her up (all those chic, bourgeoise mothers looking horribly "together", unlike me). I'm what you might call awkward, so it seems an appropriate word to start with.

A is also for April, a difficult month for me in terms of the past - this was the month D hit me for the first time, during our holiday-from-hell in Paris. This was the month that his paranoia went through the roof, precipitating his departure on 1 May 2010. But it's also the month of birthdays - my dad on the 14th, my beloved Tom had his birthday on the 15th, one friend on the 21st, another on the 23rd, my dear friend in South Africa on the 24th and my little hurricane angel L will be 10 on the 27th.

April is also the cruellest month according to TSE, though the famous April showers have been remarkably absent from the summer-like weather of Montpellier this year...

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Anonyme a dit…

The bourgeoise mothers are not as "together" as their outer veneer might lead one to believe. Everyone is vulnerable and everyone hurts sometimes, no matter how wealthy and no matter how self-assured. I hope the people in your life reach out to you to show you that you're not alone, because you definitely aren't.