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samedi 19 avril 2014

AtoZ Challenge: L... for L, my sweet little angel.

Oh, she's a character, my little L. Not so little, either, because she's going to be 10 a week tomorrow. She's tall, she's skinny, she's full of energy.

She fights endlessly with her quieter, more studious elder sister.

She finds school mainly quite boring (though she gets good enough grades, without much effort, so I suspect there's untapped intelligence in there), but loves sport (how, but how, can she be my daughter?! I hated sport as a child and have diligently refused to do any since the day I left high school and it no longer became obligatory).

She has, however, shown an interest in the mythology they're studying at the moment, and she had to do a presentation on the profession of one of her parents (meaning she had to choose mine, because D doesn't have one) and she got an A, which would have been an A+ if she'd spoken a little slower...

She's funny, she's a clown, she shows her emotions in a way that I can only admire. She asks to come and see me (which C never does any more), she holds my hand when we're out together, she hugs me, she kisses me.

She's my little L and I love her more than words can say.

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