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mercredi 19 novembre 2008

The best laid plans...

As you've probably guessed, I'm somewhat contradictory - I love lists (viz my love of daft memes), yet I'm hideously disorganised. I'm great at planning things - it might even be one of the things I do best, along with cauliflower cheese and spending money I don't have - yet many of my plans never come to much.

So, today. The plan was to get up in time to take the girls to school, and then follow that up with a round trip to the tax office (to pick up a piece of paper I need to help me get paid for all the teaching I do) and back home, via the two universities I teach at. Good plan.


I went to bed at 3.30 am last night, and only slept 4 and a half hours the night before, and I taught 6 hours of classes yesterday.

Result: I didn't even HEAR the girls getting ready for school (quite an achievement as they're like a pair of marauding elephants ususally), woke up briefly at 10 but couldn't drag my sorry arse out of bed and then finally woke up at the shameful time of 1 pm.

I did manage to get up, dressed and ready by 2 (yeah!), but then started checking my e-mail, so it was 2.30 when I finally left, 3.15 when I got to the tax office, 4.15 when I left, 4.30 when I reached the first university, nearly 5 when I left there. So I didn't go to the other one as I had to pick the girls up at 6 (they had their dance class after school this evening).

Not exactly a wasted afternoon, as the little I did was all useful and had to be done. But I don't have much to show for my "day".

And, whaddya know, it's 2.30 am again.

And tomorrow's Wednesday - which means "no school" here in France. And D has to go out at 9, meaning I'll be on daughter duty tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow could be a tough day.

But I have great, great plans for the morning. And the afternoon. And for lots of other times, too.

All I need is to find the way to put them fully into action, once and for all!

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