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samedi 29 novembre 2008


That's how I feel right now. My throat feels like a nutmeg grater every time I swallow, I'm alternating between cold and roasting, my voice is all croaky (a sure-fire sign that I'll lose my voice completely at some point over the next couple of days, much to the hilarity of D and the girls) and I've been blowing my nose ALL DAY. Yup, nothing more than a common cold, but oh, how nasty it is!

Other than that, I've signed up to "make things" for the school Christmas market, and have (perhaps foolishly) promised to make truffles ("about 10 sachets of 5 truffles"), gift tags and a few Christmas tree decorations. When, exactly, I'm going to have the time to do all this is a total mystery...

Had quite a good morning, though, despite less than 4 hours' sleep - took the girls to school and then met up with the very nice mother (with a daughter in C's class) in charge of the Christmas market and two other mothers I already know and we spent almost 2 hours chatting in a café. Not exactly productive, but really very pleasant.

We're new to this school, but I already feel very much involved and that I'm starting to make real connections... It's a nice feeling, and I would be feeling pretty good with myself tonight (even though it's really late yet again, I still have work to do and I'm aching to a) go to bed and b) make myself a bowl of porridge) if I didn't have this horrid cold...

Roll on the holidays, that's all I can say!

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