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dimanche 16 novembre 2008


I guess if you're going to fuck up NaBloPoMo, you might as well do it properly...

My excuse for missing yesterday is pretty feeble, but well: party at an International Chapel (not really my kind of place, but the party really was just games, pizza, hot dogs and icecream - not a Bible mentioned, no arm-twisting... and a great occasion for C to see some of her old school friends) on Friday night meant a late night and lazy Saturday morning, then I took the girls out in the afternoon to do some shopping (rubber boots, hair bands... essential stuff, in other words) before we headed out into the country where there was a Bonfire Night celebration (10 days late, but better late than never) with English-speaking friends we don't see very often any more. We had mulled wine, baked potatoes, BBQ sausages... there was a great bonfire and lovely fireworks. Yes, it was pretty cold away from the fire, but we had a good time - except of course C and L are terrified of fireworks and hid in the car for that part. But it also meant another late night for the girls, and after that I was just too exhausted to even contemplate computery stuff and turned the thing off.

But never mind.

I'll do better next time on NaBloPoMo.

And for once that we're having a busy, "social" weekend - I can hardly refuse, can I?!

Happy Sunday!

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