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jeudi 27 novembre 2008

The dreaded lurgy

First off, thanks to Mrs C. for confirming what I've found on St Google about heart murmurs - in most cases, it's nothing at all. Of course, being an almost professional pessimist, I won't be happy till C has had the ECG, but I'm feeling less panic-stricken.

So, to take the edge off my recovered serenity (ha! ha!), we've now all come down with our annual dreaded lurgy.

Hacking coughs a-go-go here Chez Nous. Plus croaky voices, stuffed up noses, sneezing (though I do that all the time anyway) and slight feverishness.

Usually, C would quite happily accept a day at home tomorrow. But of course her class is going to our "new" aquarium, Mare Nostrum, tomorrow and she's said she's going whatever she feels like.

That's the spirit!

Now, where did I put my Kleenex...

2 commentaires:

Mrs C a dit…

Glad to see that my Doc's prognosis was correct. Did C have the ECG yet?

Mrs C a dit…

What I mean is that as soon as I had made my comment on the other post, I was all.... "Gads, I hope I didn't give misinformation...."