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dimanche 2 novembre 2008

'Twas a dark and stormy night

Yikes, I've morphed into Snoopy...

No, not really, but it is dark and has been unbelievably stormy most of the day (the "big 'un" this afternoon had the wind whipping up tidal waves of water across the carpark outside our window...).

No further forward with our Christmas plans, either.

But the girls are getting very excited about the US Presidential Election - they've both decided they're for Obama because "John McCain won't help poor people" (C's remark) and "John McCain doesn't like sharing" (L's version). Can't say much to disagree with them, to be honest, though rest assured: I have no intention of going political here. Besides, I don't have the right to vote anywhere - I've lived outside of Britain for more than 15 years, thus forfeiting my right to vote there, and I've never taken on French citizenship, so can't vote here - so maybe I should just shut up and tune in to CNN on Tuesday night...

The wind's still howling and it feels very wintry here in Montpellier tonight. The girls have even started singing Christmas songs.

The end of the year is nigh, and I'm hoping all will be well with the world.

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