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samedi 13 décembre 2008

All over bar the shouting

The Christmas market at school is now officially over... Estimated profits are in the 600-650 Euro mark, which strikes me as pretty awesome. Yes, if was bloody freezing standing out there for an hour or two selling the stuff, but earning that much money - which will all be used to buy things for the school - is cool. Really cool. And I think the girls enjoyed the fact that I was part of it, participating in a school event in a way that my own mother never did.

I'm proud of myself.

Not quite so proud of my Christmas preparations, though: yes, my father's presents are all accounted for (except the school-photo calendar that I ordered in October and that I don't have yet, so it'll not arrive in time for Christmas, even if I get it on Monday), I've done all it takes for Carla's best not-from-school friend, T, plus my goddaughter and her brother, I've done most of the shopping for C and L (just need their bikes, really, plus a small toy each), except C's birthday, and I've done some of my MIL's presents. Still don't know if she's coming here or not, which is a pain.

But what I haven't done is buy anything for D, send any Christmas cards (and I've received 7 already), do anything constructive about C's birthday party, do any tidying, do any sorting... The place is still a mess, and Christmas is in less than 2 weeks...

But school is all but over (one week to go), I only have one more day of teaching (though still have a mountain of exams to mark), and I have a shitload of work to do but am NOT stressing about it (not yet, anyway).

Oh, and I ate homemade organic cookies (and they were deeply unsatisfying, as only pure organic foodstuffs can be) all evening till I felt sick.

L does her circus school "end-of-term-show" tomorrow, which is cool, and then we're seeing one of her friends from her old school in the afternoon, which is cool too.

Sorry this is so disjointed - my brain feels like macaroni and cheese tonight and I just can't concentrate.

So I'm going to go to bed!

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