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vendredi 12 décembre 2008

Roll up, roll up

I finally got the truffles rolled into truffle-shaped balls, coated in whatever and wrapped in cellophane packages tied with red ribbon at about, oh, 2 am (because I'm SLOW at this type of thing, no matter how easy it looks in the recipe).

And I managed to sleep all morning (oh, the bliss, but boy, do I feel guilty now!) and faff about all (early) afternoon before heading over to school at 3.30 to help set up the Christmas Market. It took forever, even with several of us (not sure I was very helpful, but I did my best).

At 4.45 the end-of-school bell rang, parents started flooding through the gates and we were suddenly bombarded. Sales went well (most of my truffles disappeared, though not that many of my labour-of-love tree decorations) and it was almost quite good fun, except that it was frigidly cold by Montpellier standards (no snow, or anything like that, but we're not used to cold down here) and my hands were numb by the time I'd helped put all the stuff left away for tomorrow. I might help set up again tomorrow, but I'm not staying so late this time...

Still, C and L seemed to enjoy it and bought a few things each (including some of my tree decorations, bless them!).

And, despite a long lie-in this morning, I'm still utterly exhausted, haven't done any tidying up, haven't got anywhere with my new passport application, haven't done my invoices, haven't sent any Christmas cards...

Wow. Lots to do tomorrow!

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