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jeudi 25 décembre 2008

Itchy Spot Central

Poor L really is a miserable little bunny today - she slept badly last night, woke up pretty grouchy and feverish, managed to struggle through present opening (she WAS pleased with her presents, just didn't have the energy to play with any of them), ate virtually nothing at lunch and finally went to bed at about 2 pm FOR THE SECOND DAY IN A ROW (the last time she had naps two days in a row was probably, oh, heavens, let me think, well, probably, probably NEVER) and didn't wake up till 5.30. Now, she's still in her pyjamas and covered in this weird red stuff they make you splotch on all the chicken pox spots here in France, watching a Winnie the Pooh DVD, feeling sorry for herself because D and C have gone to friends for a pancake party.

It's not easy being sick at Christmas, specially when you're only 4 and a half and have been looking forward to it for WEEEEEEEKS.

But as far as I'm concerned, this has been a pretty good Christmas (of course, my MIL isn't here yet - she doesn't arrive till about 9.30 tonight), and I hope the same is true for you!

Now, the big question is whether I should open a box of chocolates or go straight into the pre-dinner nibbles... Decisions, decisions...

2 commentaires:

BOSSY a dit…

Sorry for the illness... :(

On the bright side, you are the Featured Blogger on i am Bossy -- hope you get lots of reader love.

Happy Christmas.

derfina a dit…

Go for the chocolates! ALWAYS...Go for the chocolates!