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jeudi 25 décembre 2008

You know what I'm going to say

Yes, you guessed it:


Here in France, the big Christmas meal was tonight, Christmas Eve. We invited friends - a couple (he's British, she's French) and their two daughters, plus another (British) friend and her daughter, which made for a lot of little girls!

The girls had fun (but didn't eat much, unsurprisingly), we had fun (and ate a lot, unsurprisingly) and the evening was a success. Even my cooking!

Now, we can all head off to bed and wait for Father Christmas to make his appearance (both C and L are desperately excited...).

Oh, and yes, my poor sweet bunny does indeed have chicken pox - she's got a bit of a temperature, about a million spots and is a little off colour, but seems to be bearing up OK, poor baby.

Just have to finish wrapping my presents now...

Have a great Christmas Day!

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