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mercredi 21 janvier 2009

History in the making

I guess I'm supposed to write something deep and profound about what a momentous day in history this was or whatever. But, pleased as I am that Barack Obama is now the President of the USA (and yes, really, I am extraordinarily pleased), I have to confess to not seeing any of his inauguration. It was at an awkward time here to watch live, I was getting the girls their supper when the first news programme we sometimes watch came on and I fell asleep on the sofa in the late evening, thus missing the last news bulletin. And when I woke up, it was back to the horrors of Gaza as usual.

So, I guess I fucked that up good and proper.

One thing though - I do wish the media would stop going on about him being black all the time. They seem to show mainly black people clapping and crying with joy, they essentially interview "African-American" families. I, personally, find that horribly reductionist. (Is that a word?)

Barack Obama isn't just "the first black president". At least I hope not. I hope that the American public voted for him for more than just the colour of his skin. He's an intelligent man, he has the qualities necessary to be a good president (though the job is going to be tough, thanks to a certain GWBush). He's not just a symbol of racial harmony.

He's the President of the USA. That's what he is. He's no more "the black president" than Dubya was "the white president". I'm not denying that his election was momentous in racial terms - it most certainly was, and I can't imagine when there'll ever be a black, or Arab, president here in France - but he is, most definitely, more than just the colour of his skin.

For one thing, he's pretty damn sexy for an "older man"...

Congratulations to Mr Obama, may his presidency be as full of hope, peace and change as everyone is dreaming.
May his time in the White House be a time of happiness and prosperity for us all (I'm finding this hard to imagine, I have to admit).

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Mrs C a dit…

When you wrote Dubya, I thought W which is "White" in parlance. And Barack is B.



I quite agree on the black and white thing. He's intelligent. Point barre!

P.S. I fucked up seeing his speech too. Was in the metro, then I was making dinner and by late evening, I was just.... um.... I'll see if I can't download it onto my ipod....

ccsmdr a dit…
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Magic27 a dit…

ccsmdr: let's just say that the flat is tidier than it's been in recent weeks (months, years), but that those who notice are only people who saw it before. Newcomers tend to get a sort of shocked look on their faces.
But I'm working on it!

ccsmdr a dit…
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The Duchess a dit…

Hi! Just wondered if your book has arrived yet? Amazon said it was being sent out on the 14th of Jan, so wanted to make sure it has arrived.
Take care,

minniemama68 a dit…

Amen. Scary that it takes someone who is not American to sum it all up so nicely.