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lundi 12 janvier 2009

Where to start?

Wow. Since I dropped off the NaBloPoMo radar at the end of December, I've really let this blog dwindle to nothing...
Which is totally crap given that we had a hectic weekend (C's 7th birthday party with her school friends! Meaning 9 rampaging little girls for a verrrrry long 2-hour bash in our flat! Meaning hours of tidying up and preparation! Also meaning baking 2 more birthday cakes! And oh, the fatigue once it was all over!).
But well.
It's late (though that's hardly a scoop, is it?), and I still have a shitload of work to do (and I won't have much time tomorrow - want to hit the sales again in the morning, then I'm in a meeting all afternoon for the school newspaper), and I haven't made porridge for weeeeeeks now and I'm in withdrawal.
So, instead, I'm letting you all in on this: Delurking Day! Now yes, I know, there are probably thousands of you checking out my fascinating blog on a daily basis (daily? Who'm I kidding? HOURLY basis) without ever leaving a comment... BUT TODAY IS DIFFERENT. This is your chance, people, to make my little lonely heart light up with delight...
So come on down, say hello!

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Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah a dit…


Rach a dit…

Hello, Hello!!!
Still freezing in MN.
-20 below Zero and we are
still droping.
Costa Rica here I come.
Never mind wont happen till
I come into a lot of money.
Have a great week.
6:48 pm
Rachel D.