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dimanche 15 février 2009

Leavin' on a(n) (Easy)jet plane...

...But I do know when I'll be back again: next Sunday, late afternoon.

This promises to be a hectic week involving little sleep, but I'm also hoping it'll be kinda fun. We're staying with two of my best friends, one from tomorrow till Friday morning, the other just Friday night (very little room to sleep), and then our last night with a cousin I barely know.

Of course, it's still 2.30 am here and I've only just finished all the work I had to do before we leave, so of course I also haven't packed a single thing yet (though I've done loads of laundry!), but we don't have to be at the airport till 3 pm, so it should be OK.

And I've also booked a "gîte" for the 4 of us, plus my father, for the week after Easter in Arles (went there last year with my MIL and it was cool, except that she did bugger all to help out and that that really, really fucked me off).

Just have to start thinking about our summer holidays now...

And the minor, minor fact that I'm totally broke (yet again) is best ignored, I feel.

Oh, for those of you interested (?!), you'll be delighted to know that the flat is now once more a total tip. Maybe less cardboard boxes than before, but still a real mess. I despair.

See you in 9 days!

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minniemama68 a dit…

My house is always a mess!!! Even after I've cleaned it.

ccsmdr a dit…
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