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samedi 14 mars 2009

Life after...

C is still desperately fragile... When we picked her up this afternoon, she immediately burst into tears and said that A (the kid) had been nasty to her all day, spreading nasty rumours around the classroom, "taking her friends away from her" etc. We told her she has to toughen up a bit, that A does have the right to play with the children in the class and that she, C, has to realise that. As we were leaving, 4 different kids from the class all came up to C and wished her a nice weekend, which proved to me that these kids are no idiots - they can see that A is not a nice kid (some already said they didn't like her at C's birthday party) and, even if they sometimes play with her, that doesn't mean they don't like my sweet baby or that they won't play with her ever again.

Oh, it's so hard. I want to fight her battles for her, give A a slap on the face and give her a taste of her own medicine. But I know C has to learn how to handle this kind of thing by herself. We've both told her that this is the best way to find out who her real friends are - and I already have a suspicion of who some of them may be.

To cap it all, at her swim class this evening, C slipped as she was climbing out of the pool and really banged her top tooth on the tiling. It's moved a little, the gum is bruised and bloody, and she was in pain. My heart just aches for her...

As for L, well, she seems to have weathered the storm. She was back to making a scene every morning at school while A was here, but didn't do it this morning and was in pretty good shape all evening. I just hope her "circus class show" goes better tomorrow than the Christmas one did.

I'm hoping this whole, unpleasant incident will make a) C and L just a little tougher and b) me realise how very lucky I am to have such special little girls (but I knew that already).

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