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vendredi 13 mars 2009


It's over. The monster has at long last gone home after some of the worst days of my life (and I'm only slightly exaggerating).

That kid was the Devil's Spawn. She's totally demolished C and L (who are, it has to be said, over-delicate little flowers, but still. She's destroyed them) who've spent the last nine days crying, trembling, feeling miserable and being defensively difficult.

The kid actually HIT L yesterday - she weighs twice as much, is about 50 cm taller and 4 years older and SHE HIT MY BABY. I went pretty much batshit and then, when D came home, he went totally batshit, calling her grandparents, insulting them (they really don't seem to care how nasty she is - we're like the paid help, not worthy of interest), telling the kid he'd kill her if she ever touched C or L ever again... It was hideous. And she still barely showed any reaction. That kid is made of stone. Sure, she managed to turn on the tears on the phone, but she just stared at D with that insolent face of hers while he yelled at her.

Spent all day praying that her parents' plane wouldn't be delayed. And thankfully it wasn't. They arrived at about 6.30 pm bearing (it's true) beautiful gifts for us all, but that didn't stop us telling them what a tough time we've had, what a difficult kid she is etc. We didn't go all out, saying we hated her, etc. But I think they got the message.

The best bit (perhaps the only good bit) is that C seems to have seen the light. She told me yesterday how much she missed playing with L (can you believe it? The kid prevented the sisters from playing together, despite our many interventions - we'd think they were all playing nicely together but no, in fact she'd be bad-mouthing one and being nice to the other), and then she told me tonight that the kid isn't really her friend any more. About which I am suitably thrilled. I don't mind them playing together in the playground at school, but I don't EVER want her here again, and I even more don't want C to go to her house (it would be worse, I'm sure).

As for me, well, I feel completely washed out. I'm exhausted from all the stress and strain, from the mountain of work I've had this month (and still have looming in front of me) and from just having to deal with possibly one of the most unlikeable kids I've ever encountered.

To be honest, I'm amazed we even got out of this alive.

And I'm really grateful that we did.

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ccsmdr a dit…
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Magic27 a dit…

She was C's "best" friend at school, both were new there this year and the kid's parents have only recently moved to the area. They won a holiday but didn't want to take the kid out of school, the grandparents are either very ill (hospitalised) or work and the parents didn't know who else to turn to. D and I were very reticent, but then figured that although, yes, 9 days is hideously long, 5 of them were school days (which were definitely better) and that it would probably be OK. Yes, we've learnt our lesson!