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samedi 11 avril 2009

Day 3...

...sort of.

By which I mean that today was such a non-event of a day (for me) that I'm not sure it even counts. I did, however, throw out some junk mail today, junk mail of the type I usually keep and scan for possible bargains, so I guess I did something good.

As for the Challenge, well, I'm beginning to wonder how I'll ever find 40 things to do - I'm already struggling with number 3. It's not that I can't think of things I'd like to do, or even should do. It's more that I want to succeed, and many of the things I'd like to do (and, even worse, the things I should do) are the kinds of things I'll fuck up. And I don't want to start making rash promises doomed for failure from the start (you know, things like "I'll do 30 minutes of real exercise every day" - we ALL know I'll fail that one, probably on the very first goddamn day). So what have I come up with, that isn't a total cop-out, isn't totally trivial and isn't just insane?

I'm going to get my professional paperwork in order.

I feel sick with stress just looking at that sentence. It's such a tall order - you cannot believe the mess my professional papers are in (just one, tiny example: I have to get all my professional accounts for 2008 finished (I know, I know, it's April 2009 already. Tell me about it) and I probably would have done by now if I hadn't totally lost my two bank account statements for May 2008... Just a gaping hole in my account book. Total nightmare).

Yes, it's an excuse to go crazy in a stationery shop - but I've already done that. And yes, I need to get D to put my snazzy red IKEA shelf up above my desk, but we all know that's just a pretext. The real problem is that I'm hopelessly disorganised.


Although I'm not saying I'll get my paperwork in order by my birthday (I have to be reasonable - we're going away next week, I have my accounts and stuff to do, my tax forms, shitloads of invoices, tons of work, the school newspaper...bla, bla, bla),


My real aim is to be able to do my accounts on a monthly basis. Hardly the stuff dreams are made of, but if I could get my arse in gear and do my accounts that way, it would be much quicker, much less stressful.

So there you have it. I'm going to get out all my lovely, shiny, new folders, files, archive boxes and what have you, and I'm going to make a start.

But first, I could really do with some chocolate. Or maybe some cheese on toast. Or some porridge....

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