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dimanche 20 septembre 2009

Happy families

Had a real "family" day today. OK, D wasn't around (doing a training course that we can't afford and which is unlikely to bring him any work, but what the hell), but the girls and I did a lot of "nice" stuff.
We were out quite early (by our standards) and took the tram into the city centre. We ordered some photo prints for my MIL (my good deed for the day) and then we bought a birthday present for one of C's friends and, at the same time, I bought a couple of books for the girls (no special reason, we almost certainly can't afford it and, although they've been behaving pretty well recently, there's no "deserve" involved, it's just that I'm a sucker for buying things for them). After that, we went and had lunch at a cafeteria place they really enjoy, before heading out to the city centre play area for half an hour.
At 2 pm we headed off to the cinema and saw (at last!) "Up", which I really enjoyed, although both girls were really scared (I know, I know), with L sobbing quite hysterically for a good part of the last half of the film. I don't know why they're such scaredy cats, but it's really getting out of hand... Still, once we were outside, they both claimed to have enjoyed the film, so go figure.
And finally, after the cinema, we rushed off to the other tram line, caught a tram to a park just outside the city centre and spent 3 and a half very nice hours at the aforementioned friend's birthday party.
I have to say I'm not wild about this kid. She's not at the girls' school, and is actually a year younger than C, but they've been friends since they were 2-ish. It's just that this kid is bossy, domineering, physical and yet a crybaby at the same time. She's not a bad kid (not like you-know-who), but too different from my sweet C.
However, I do like her parents, so we maintain the connection and they really are pretty good friends of ours.
So, quite a good day, I'd say. I didn't lose my temper much, I wasn't particularly snarly or impatient, I don't have much work to do so I wasn't overly stressed... An OK day, even quite a good one!

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