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mardi 10 novembre 2009

Getting there

I feel like I've spent the whole day putting my coat and shoes on, rushing off somewhere, rushing back and repeating the whole shebang...

The "main event" hasn't actually happened yet - I'm just about to set off to pick up C and then take her all the way across the city for the buffet supper (that we'll have missed - D and L had better have saved us something to eat!) before bringing our Korean chum home.

Not very reassuring is the news on AOL UK today that North and South Korean warships have been firing at each other... War may be imminent and here we are, harbouring a Korean national in our midst... Sounds like something from a film...

Still, I got my administrative guff sorted out (more or less - still have one set to do, but I have until 18 November so I'm ignoring it for now) and we tidied up a little, so we're more or less done.

I even managed to get some of my novel done today, though not much, so I'm now behind again. I'm going to try and catch up tomorrow.

Wish me luck for the rest of this hectic, frenetic day!

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