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jeudi 12 novembre 2009

Wiped out

As predicted, yesterday was a killer. Our "Korean adventure" was pretty good (though the documentary - 10 interminable minutes, the whole film in Korean (!!) - and debate were pretty mindnumbing, it has to be said). The Koreans we met at the church place were great (except when they kept asking me about my faith - I don't want to lie, but I feel bad saying I'm a total non-believer, especially as they're all so enthusiastic) and our guest, Kan-won, was very nice: he seemed pleased to have been here and didn't make any horrified comments about the state of our flat (we did tidy up a fair amount, but it's still a terrible mess). The girls had fun, he taught C how to write her name in Korean, we took photos, exchanged addresses and stayed up far too late (2 am).

D and I had to be up at 7 to get breakfast ready so that D could get Kan-won back to the Theology University by 8.30. Of course, despite going to bed at midnight, C was up by 8, making it hard for me to go back to bed, but by 9.30 I couldn't take it any more, so D and I both went back to bed, where I slept heavily (and blissfully).

Spent the afternoon at the park with D and the girls, then supervised C doing her homework, then all the usual evening stuff.

All that to say that I got no work done till this evening, and am now very behind in my novel... And I'm still tired beyond belief.

But I'm really going to try and get my act together tomorrow night....

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