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vendredi 13 novembre 2009

Life sucks

Not mine (though it has had its moments of suckitude), I hasten to add.

I'm a professional translator and, as such, I'm a member of a translation association that has an on-line discussion group. Today, I received a message from the group informing me (and everyone else) that one of our colleagues, Claire, a British translator living in Paris, died on Tuesday after complications during childbirth. Apart from her husband, she also leaves behind her a 4 year old boy, a 1 year old girl and a newborn baby girl.

I didn't know Claire, but her name was familiar to me through seeing it pop up every now and then on the discussion group.

I can't stop thinking about her, her husband, her poor children. This should have been such a happy time for her and her family, welcoming a their third child.

I didn't know Claire, but my heart goes out to her and her loved ones, because she was a colleague of mine, because she was a mother and because really, life sucks.

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JChevais a dit…

Read this on Facebook. She was a member of a popular Mother group in Paris too and a fellow member is a friend of mine.

It is all so so sad.

JChevais a dit…

You may be interested to know something I learned from people that that hung in same circles as her on an unprofessional level. It still doesn't make your fellow translator's death any less tragic, but I felt a little better after learning it.

Apparently, the pregnancy had an ultra rare difficulty attached to it. Very high risk. She continued onwards regardless. She gave her life so that her little one could have one. It wasn't just a medical procedure that went wrong. I don't know about you, but to me, that makes Claire a hero. She gave the ultimate gift... twofold.


Magic27 a dit…

Thanks for telling me that... Yes, it makes her a hero, but oh, how difficult for the little girl (can you imagine growing up knowing that your mother died for you and, worse, died on your birthday? I'd go insane, I think). And how terribly, terribly hard the decision must have been.
RIP Claire, indeed.

JChevais a dit…

That's true. Sigh. Poor pumpkin.