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samedi 14 novembre 2009

Taking shape

I can't quite believe it, but not only am I actually ahead of schedule for NaNoWriMo, but I've already passed half way and am aiming for 27,000 words by tonight.

I'm getting quite excited, because the story is starting to take shape, I have quite a lot of ideas to include and am really starting to believe that I'm actually going to finish this thing. It's a delirious thought, to be honest. And I'm unbelievably proud of my achievement (even if I'm nowhere near finished in reality).

That said, I've been finding it hard to concentrate today. My thoughts keep going back to Claire and her family, and the reports of Charla Nash (the victim of a horrific chimpanzee attack that has left her with terrible, terrible injuries - no eyes, no hands, no nose, no mouth...) haunt me too. I've always found news items like this strangely fascinating, but afterwards, I can't stop thinking about them, empathising with the people involved. It's hard to move on...

Added in to that is the fact that L is not well at all today - at 3 this afternoon she said she was tired and went to bed OF HER OWN VOLITION and has been there ever since. This, if you remember, is the child who NEVER SLEEPS. She coughed all night and has been really peaky all day (no barfing, though, I'd like to point out). I'm concerned, but not (yet) in full-blown panic mode because she doesn't have a high temperature, so I'm hoping it'll just disappear like it came.

But the whole is not particularly conducive to writing reams of pages of my "novel".

However, just thinking about all these pages of text brings a smile to my face, I must admit!

If you haven't tried NaNoWriMo, I heartily recommend it - it's made me feel invincible (up to a point)!

2 commentaires:

screamish a dit…

yeah its amazing what a bit of pressure will do. I am SO impressed at your wordcount. with two kids when do you write? its late saturday night, i suppose you're writing right now, like I should be (I'm taking a ciggie and coffee break)

Magic27 a dit…

Yeah, Screamish, I write mainly at night - absolutely no distractions! That said, I did get 2,000 words done this afternoon while the girls played with their PlayMobils...