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dimanche 20 décembre 2009

Nothing for a week, and then two posts in one day! It must be Christmas or something. Oh. Wait a minute...
So, as I said earlier, Cha Cha invited us all to do a holiday house tour to show off our ace decorating skills. And I, stupidly, said I'd give it a go. A mistake, obviously, as all the other people's decorations I've seen on the internet recently look professional. And mine... really, really doesn't.

Yeah, OK, I didn't actually decorate it, my daughters did (aged really, really almost 8 (one week today!) and a bit more than 5 and a half. And you can totally tell how tall they are because the top third of the tree has almost no decorations at all. And the rest look like they've been thrown at the tree by a blind dwarf. Plus you can see all kinds of crap in the background / foreground / sideground because I take pretty rubbish pictures, too. *sigh* (In case you think I never have anything positive to say about myself, well... in all honesty, I think I'm a pretty good damn translator and I make a mean cauliflower cheese!)

But well. They had fun doing it, didn't squabble and are incredibly proud of their work. There are fairy lights on it, but OF COURSE one of the bulbs blew the second day we lit them and I cannot be arsed to figure out which one. So. No lights this year. But given the doom and gloom of our current situation, that feels strangely appropriate.

And now, after that magnificent build-up, here are the two pictures I've taken of our tree (no other decorations because, well, there aren't any - no space, for one thing and too much other crap for another. Oh, and I'm pretty lazy too.). Plus one I can't resist of the world's cutest,
fluffiest, kindest, intelligentest, adorablest cat.

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