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dimanche 21 février 2010

Not dead

Lots of pretty heavy stuff going down round here right now (amazingly, not particularly money-related - the money situation is still rough, but I know we'll make it one way or another), and I'm too emotional to write about it here in words. But I'm rudderless, adrift, scared, alone.

Feeling very fragile, in fact.



I've been channelling my inner domestic goddess and HAVE MADE A ZORRO COSTUME FOR L. to wear at the school carnival on 11 March. Now, I've made costumes before, so this "exploit" maybe doesn't sound like much. But this time, thanks to a free gift with some office supplies, I USED A SEWING MACHINE. And it didn't kill me! God, I'm so proud of myself!

OK, I also bought (on the cheap) a sword and hat, and I also bought a white mask that I painted black this evening, but I made the cape and belt! All by myself! All I have to do now is make a "buckle" for the belt with a big, gold Z on it (no worries, this is going to be a non-sewing task, and I can deal with those no probs). Oh, she's going to look so cute!


Spare a thought for me, though. These are tough times, people.

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