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vendredi 11 mars 2011


If I haven't already failed in my latest NaBloPoMo challenge, I suspect it won't be long coming, as I'm so overwhelmed with work and general STUFF TO DO that I'm finding it hard to find time to do anything at all...

Also, in related news, the girls are home, safe and sound, and it feels truly wonderful to hold them in my arms and kiss them and smell them...

I'm a bit bummed that I've failed already (if I have indeed failed), but the earthquake/tsunami combo that has devasted Japan in the last few hours certainly puts everything into perspective.

The images coming out of Japan are horrific; this unstoppable tide of mud, debris, homes, cars, burning buildings, destroying everything in its path is just appalling. And Japan is a country that is pretty much "prepared" for earthquakes; just as New Zealand is. Yet the devastation in both cases was/is incredible. No wonder less "prepared" countries suffer so much... And it makes it so hard to bear for these "prepared" countries - it makes you realise just how powerless Man really is when faced with Nature when it's on its warpath. So many lives lost, damaged, uprooted; so much destruction; so much to rebuild - until the next one hits.

My failure to write a blog post every day for a month (especially as I suspect no one reads the ones I do write) is so far from being on the same scale that I feel kind of stupid mentioning the two things in the same post.

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Trixie Bang Bang a dit…

i read your blogs, i like 'em. just so you know, you have a reader :)