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mercredi 9 mars 2011


My babies are coming home tomorrow. Their train arrives at 18.41 and you can bet your life I'll be there, waiting.

My ex MIL phoned tonight and we more or less got into a snit about my daughters' hair (she wants to cut it herself, dry, tomorrow morning, I DON'T WANT HER TO but am too pathetic to say so, so just snarked and got my feelings across in a more subtle way than outright conflict. I'm still pretty sure their hair will be a mass of tangles and I'll have to spend over an hour brushing each girl's hair), plus D had nothing to say to me (which is fine by me, don't get me wrong). I spoke to C and L and they sounded fine - they went up the Eiffel Tower, they went to parks, they went to the Luxemburg Gardens... They both said they missed me...

I can't wait to see them again - my life falls apart when they're not here, it really does... There'll be no more staying up all night/sleeping all day once they get back. And I'm glad. They give me the discipline I so sadly lack in my natural state.

Plus, I just want to hold them in my arms, cover them with kisses, hug them tight...

My babies are coming home tomorrow.

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