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lundi 14 mars 2011


I've been banging on to all who will listen (all who are not in Montpellier, I mean) about how fantastic the weather's been for most of this winter, how it's hardly felt like winter at all most of the time - just a few cold days here and there, but nothing like the snopocalyptic scenes we've seen from just about everywhere north of here - and how it's basically been spring for about a month already.

So guess what? The shittiest weather this weekend you can imagine... No, it didn't snow (it wasn't nearly cold enough), but it was colder than it's been, with grey, leaden skies and torrential rain. So yeah. Spring. Not so much, actually. The wisteria on our balcony is almost, almost in bloom, but it felt like bloody November this weekend.

I went to the market yesterday and it was horrific, really nasty out. Didn't leave the house again till this afternoon, when I took the girls to Odysseum (the big new shopping and leisure part of town, on the southern boundary) to the "rock climbing room". We had to do a 10-min trek to the tramway, then hang about for said tramway and it was miserable, truly, truly miserable.

I love spring, it's by far my favourite season. Last year was ruined for me what with all the personal trauma and all, so I'm really, really looking forward to this one... I just wish it would hurry up!

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