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dimanche 20 mars 2011


Even though I learnt at school that the seasons changed on the 21st (March, June, September, December), apparently that was all bullshit because today was touted as the first day of spring. Whatever. It was a glorious day here (from what I could tell - I didn't actually leave the house), the wisteria on my balcony is starting to blossom, as is the lilac tree beneath the girls' window, the birds are twittering and it truly feels like spring at last. I think the worst of the weather is behind is (famous last words, I know, and April here is notoriously crap in general, but still). The clocks change next week, which always makes my heart sing.

I love spring, it's my favourite season - summer is still to come, flowers are in bloom everywhere, the sun is so bright and everything feels fresh. This spring will also mark the first year of my living-alone-ness (1 May, in case you'd forgotten). Maybe time for a new start...

I always say that, though, so I'm not optimistic.

My dad's going to be coming to stay at the end of April for a week while the girls are on holiday, which also means he'll be here for L's birthday too, so that might be quite nice (though any party that's going to be had will have to be afterwards, once school's gone back).

I just hope, hope and pray that things are going to start looking up. I'm not quite sure how they will, but surely this - this crap life I lead - can't be as good as it's going to get, right?

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