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vendredi 4 mars 2011


We are three, where once we were four. Strangely, I've always liked the number three more than four. Maybe it was a sign that things were not meant to be. And as I write this, it is (still, only just) the third day of the third month. Another sign.


I grew up in a family of three - me and my parents. To be fair, I pretty much hated it and longed, yearned, dreamed of siblings. But three we were, and three we stayed.

Now I'm in a family of three once more - me and my two daughters. A female trinity (unless you add in our male cat, but I'm talking humans here), a triad. Sometimes it works, sometimes (oft times) it doesn't. But three we stay.


Tonight, I am alone, and I'll remain alone till next Thursday night. My sweet girls are in Paris with D, staying with D's mother. I miss them so much it hurts, the quiet in the flat today was deafening.

I miss even the fighting, to be honest.

But I will work and try and get things done; and then they will come home and there will be hugs and kisses and stories to tell.

Till then, I kiss their photos, I lie in their beds, I hug their (not chosen) soft toys, I touch their things.

This will no doubt post on the 4th, but perhaps that, too, is a sign. Much as I prefer the number three, perhaps there is life as a family of four in my future...

So, well, yeah, that whole "I will work and try and get things done" crap? Totally didn't happen today. Just kept napping and eating crap and Twittering and FaceBooking and stuff. It's now 9 pm and I've done NOTHING of any use today. *sigh*
I really must get my shit together...

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