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dimanche 29 mai 2011


So I went. It was a bit of a marathon - I had to trek out to one birthday party by bus to drop of L, then race back with C in tow to drop her off at another one (damn all these spring babies!), but managed to get myself in the tramway by 3.30. I didn't buy all the stuff on my list (I didn't have time to hunt everything down, plus I'm pretty sure I couldn't have carried more) but I did get a lovely standard lamp and shade, a table lamp and shade (same lamps, different shades), some new cutlery, some sun lotion, a pair of orange slippers and all the light bulbs I needed. Oh, and I bought a box of "IKEA Family" plasters because some of them have L's beloved yellow-with-red-spots camel on.

It was tiring - exhausting, even, and I almost missed my stop on the way home because I was dozing in the tram - but oh! sooooo worth it! The lights are in place and look so much better than the halogen thing. I'm very pleased with the result. It's the little things, dontcha know.

Of course, I got no work done today AT ALL. This was partly because of the hectic afternoon, but also because I didn't have time this morning and then spent all evening glued to Mad Men Season 3 on DVD. It arrived today and I'm gluttonously stuffing episodes down as if there's no tomorrow...

And the girls aren't here tonight. This is quite pleasant - I can watch my DVD without interruption - but I'm pissed off about tomorrow. It's Mothers' Day here tomorrow, and my girls won't be home till lunchtime (if then). D wanted to cancel their night with him so I could "spend time with them in the morning, and then he'd take them in the afternoon" but that would have been WORSE, except of course he can't see that: I'd have virtually been alone all day (he's coming at 10 to pick them up for their Sunday School stuff, so I'd have spent about 30 minutes in the morning hustling them along to get ready, and that's it). At least this way, they should be here for lunch at least... But still. It's Mothers' Day and I want to spend it with my girls. That's normal, no? I know I'll be stupidly reasonable and let him spend Fathers' Day with them...

But enough bitching. Today has been OK, not bad at all even. The weather is glorious, my new lights make me ridiculously happy (shows how empty my life is, no?), I saw very little of D (always a plus) and was out and about this afternoon for the first time in God knows when. It was a "normal" Saturday!

The only problem with that, of course, is that IKEA is full of lots of other people having a "normal" Saturday, by which I mainly mean couples, measuring, comparing, discussing how to make "their" home nicer. I felt like a bit of a loser wandering around by myself (almost no one seems to go there alone, particularly on a Saturday). But I love IKEA enough for that to not get me down (too much).

OK, it's time to turn off my lovely new lights and maybe actually go to bed before 2 am for once...

Happy Mothers' Day for those celebrating it today!

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