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mercredi 29 juin 2011

I never learn

You'd think, by the ripe old age of 42, I'd have learnt from my mistakes by now. I know I certainly imagined that by adulthood - and 42 is most definitely that - I'd have my shit a bit more together.

But no.

I make the same fucking mistakes all. the. time. Like, for example, when I have a slight "lull" work-wise. I never - NEVER - make use of that "lull" to get ahead and do useful stuff. Oh no. I usually just sit about watching crap on TV, crap on the internet or sleeping.

There's nothing inherently WRONG with that, except that I always - ALWAYS - end up in a frazzle when the lull inevitably becomes a veritable shitstorm of work and deadlines and to-do lists and what have you.

Have you guessed that my "lull" has come to an end? I wasted most of yesterday reading blogs, tweeting, FaceBooking and listening to stuff on YouTube (can't stop listening to this right now). And now, of course, I have about 8,500 words to do for either tomorrow or Friday, plus a translation to correct for a student, plus two dissertations to read through for two oral exams tomorrow morning, plus mail to deal with, my credit card to collect, shopping to do, a lunch invite on Friday and a million other things. I'm not detecting much asleep-in-bed-time in my immediate future (oh, I have another 6,600 words for next Tuesday too).

When, oh when will I learn?

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Swistle a dit…

Oh, man, ME TOO. It's like I need the adrenaline of Frantic! Hustle! to make me do anything. If I'm not PANICKED, that apparently cues me that I can watch Ballykissangel and eat ice cream.