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mardi 28 juin 2011


Today was the end-of-term tea party to say "thank you" to the girls' teachers (yes, both on the same day, and actually at the same time, which was practical).

The tea party in C's class was nice and civilised, apart from the class clown being, well, typical of himself. The teacher was very nice about C and seemed deeply touched by the gifts she received.

However, I went to L's class first as it is on the ground floor. Her teacher is retiring this year and was quite emotional. I can't imagine what it would be like to teach at the same school for 27 years... and more than half of them in 1st grade...

But she did make me laugh - she gave a little speech, saying how much she'd enjoyed her final year of teaching CP (the French equivalent of 1st grade) and how much she'll miss the children, despite them being a "class of popcorn".

It is absolutely the perfect description of L: pale, light and incapable of staying still for more than a nanosecond!

Watching the class "in action", so to speak - talking, babbling, bustling - they really did look just like grains of corn "popping" in a pan, and I haven't been able to stop calling L "Popcorn" all evening, changing it to "Palomita" (the Spanish for popcorn, meaning "little dove", which I've always thought adorable) at bed time.

And, of course, I haven't been able to get the music, Popcorn, out of my head either. Particularly this version, which just cracks me up.

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