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samedi 25 juin 2011

Total Festum

There is a Brazilian-Occitan music festival, "Total Festum", in full swing almost literally right outside my window. The various groups have been at it since about 2 pm, and it's been gradually picking up speed. Now, at almost midnight, the music - mainly beating drums and flutes from what I can tell - is really quite loud.

I look out the window, across the street to the car park opposite and I can see the stage, the crowds, the lights. I can hear the music, see the people dancing, having a good time.

I feel old and out of touch, though to be honest, I'm not sure I've ever really been young.

I sit here, at my computer, and I've been watching "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button". The film (which I've enjoyed much more than "Vicky Cristina Barcelona") is sweet and touching. But most of all, Brad Pitt is drop-dead-gorgeous once he gets to the 1960s (roughly his real age, actually).

And you know what? I am perfectly content to be here, virtually alone, watching Beautiful Brad, chugging down my Diet Coke. I have no desire whatsoever to be out there with the crowd, listening to Occitan music (haven't heard anything that I would identify as Brazilian), dancing among strangers in the dark.

I am old, and undoubtedly dull. I accept that.

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